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Episode 329: “Alien Sexology”

Disney’s gay conundrum, poutine, violent turkeys, space sex studies, earth sex statistics, an unwanted attic-dwelling simp, mass possession and a new club thumper from Sonic Jalopy. Get Lost!

schrodinger's racist

Episode 328 ”Schrodinger’s Racist”

This week, Scott has a theory about windows and ghosts, the Nintendo generation is weak, NFT vending machines, Canadian Valentine’s redo and more silly bullet points. In Web Droppings, a U.S. House candidate gets sassy drunk at a middle school party and the Metaverse is exactly as terrible as everybody assumed it would be. Get…
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Episode 327 ”Manned Parenthood”

Bullet points galore! Bird songs, bologna beauty masks, child labor, Jason Mantzoukas is a dick, the Jeff Daniels worm, purchasing children at Walmart, litter boxes in schools, grilled Meatloaf and the TSA’s top 10 confiscated items of 2021. In Web Droppings, we’ve got hard drive-sniffing dogs, a real life Weekend at Bernie’s, a new way…
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Episode 326 ”De-winged Pelican”

RadioShack, book burning, feline arsonists and SQUIRRELS! Get Lost!

Episode 323 ”The Holiday Album Covid Scare Filler Extravaganza!!”

Covid got a little too close for comfort so we are taking a week off from the studio to bring you some pre recorded holiday cheer! Tune in for our Holiday Album featuring Christmas and Krampus Day songs and skits. Stay tuned after the show for something special you won’t want to miss? Get lost…
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Episode 323 ”Too Lazy for Revenge”

Scott and Jer get into the sorta-holiday spirit with some Thanksgiving trivia and Turkey Droppings. The it’s time to dig deep into the Miss Holocaust Survivor Pageant. Get Lost!

Episode 322 ”Darrel Hammond: Alive at 66”

To start the show, Scott and Jer talk about Bacon-flavored lube, Krampus, Sinister, Nintendo and Big Bird. In Web Droppings, Elf on the Shelf is banned and police start cracking down on early decorators. Also: Santa is anti-vax? Not sure, but we do know that Santa don’t like the poor. Get Lost!

Episode 321 ”The Shape Returns”

This week, Lost At Home interviews James Jude Courtney, AKA The Shape/Michael Myers from Halloween Kills, for a second time, digging into his work on the Halloween 2018 sequel and its release in the time of COVID. Get Lost!

Episode 320 ”Little Debbie‘s Swiss Trolls”

It’s our third episode of Halloween Month and Scott and Jer talk fake bot-written horror movies, cocaine hippo birth control, Squid Game, Halloween trees, Corey Feldman, serial killers, wizards and murder houses. Get Lost!