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lost at home

Episode 398 “Bottle Bangin’ Beetle”

This week’s web droppings include Ouija board Jesus, leprosy, chemtrails and Lego criminals, with a special appearance by Bruce Bruce for the Ig Nobel Prize. Get Lost!

lost at home

Episode 392 “Continental Drift”

Scott and Jer brainstorm some ideas for the upcoming 400th/10th Anniversary Special episode before diving into some science behind liquid cats and a Taylor Swift Conspiracy Roundup. Get Lost!

Episode 334 ”C.H.U.D. House”

Human Satan celebrates the end of masks by cutting off his ears. An ax-wielding man interrupts a drummer’s jam session. An $800k house comes with a basement dweller. A gorilla gets addicted to smartphones. Two men find love in a lizard. Get Lost!

Episode 323 ”The Holiday Album Covid Scare Filler Extravaganza!!”

Covid got a little too close for comfort so we are taking a week off from the studio to bring you some pre recorded holiday cheer! Tune in for our Holiday Album featuring Christmas and Krampus Day songs and skits. Stay tuned after the show for something special you won’t want to miss? Get lost…
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Episode 321 ”The Shape Returns”

This week, Lost At Home interviews James Jude Courtney, AKA The Shape/Michael Myers from Halloween Kills, for a second time, digging into his work on the Halloween 2018 sequel and its release in the time of COVID. Get Lost!

Episode 320 ”Little Debbie‘s Swiss Trolls”

It’s our third episode of Halloween Month and Scott and Jer talk fake bot-written horror movies, cocaine hippo birth control, Squid Game, Halloween trees, Corey Feldman, serial killers, wizards and murder houses. Get Lost!

Episode 319 ”Charlie: D.A. Clown”

A few technical difficulties delayed things a bit, but nothing can stop Lost At Home from Halloween Month. In Week 2, Matt Granger moves from interviewee to co-host and joins us for all of the stories. We bring some horror movie recommendations, Demi Lavato’s alien advocacy, Pete Rose’s podcast and Pinocchio’s incest to bullet points…
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Episode 318 ”Cum 0ut A$$, P00p 0ut D1ck”

It is Halloween Month proper and on week #1, Scott makes some vague promises about what to expect before we dive into some horror movie recommendations and bullet points. In Spider Web Droppings: Body Horror Edition, a man’s bodily exits get confused, a woman finds an incredible use for her missing eye and a woman…
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