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Episode 399 “String Theory Cheese”

It’s halfway to Halloween, and Lost At Home is getting spoooooky with demon face disorders, drugs made from human bones and zombie cicadas. Get Lost!

lost at home

Episode 397 “Werehouse”

Black holes from hell, what’s a Werehouse, Tapeworms in the brain and Pythons ate my neighbors. Get Lost!

lost at home

Episode 396 “Less Pregnant Pastures”

Dog balls, mutant worms, gay whale porn and too many vaccines. Get Lost!

lost at home

Episode 395 “Australian Cuisine”

What is Australian cuisine? How did the Florida Games pan out? What did happen to those creemee monkies? Can I bang a toy dog? Are sword fights a responsible tool for education? All this answered this week on Lost at Home. Get Lost!

lost at home

Episode 394 “Monkey Bones”

It’s all about animals this week. From clam depression to mutant wolves, Lost at Home Podcast has it covered. Get Lost!


Episode 393 “Madden NFL: Final Destination Edition”

Does country music increase the risk of suicide? What are some of the weirdest best people placed on this year’s Super Bowl? These questions and absolutely no more than these questions are answered this week on Lost At Home. Get Lost!

chong shaman

Episode 391 “Chong Shaman”

Scott and Jer take a deep dive into the world of a Bangkok shaman, which leads to the world of freaky bat sex, which leads to the rabbit hole that is the Ig Nobel Prize. Also, don’t eat fried toothpicks. And don’t tape fish to ATMs. Get Lost!

Episode 390 “AI Roundup”

Cryptic notes, eBay’s revenge and lots of AI. Get Lost!

Episode 389 ”Kid Rock Presents the Bawitdaba January 6th Mega Extravaganza Spectacular Brought to you by Bud Light!”

It’s that special time of year. The time for love. The time for resolve. And the time for coups, coups, coups! Scott and Jer look back to the January 6th events that shaped history, reflect on how to do a fascism right and chat politics on a show that tries its damndest to not be…
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Episode 388 ”Oh Deer”

It’s the last show of the year and Scott and Jer countdown to 2024 with a NYE quiz and talks of killer deer. Get Lost!