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Episode 347 ”Habeas Tiny Corpus”

Down Scott’s Movie Hole we go with a South African horror paired with fun stories and facts about exorcisms. In Web Droppings, a Utah non-cannibal county attorney sets the record straight and bees are fish now. Get Lost!

Episode 346 ”Stupid Timecop”

In an effort to get the format right before 350, Scott and Jer talk Love, Death + Robots, Josh fights, killer sheep, animal trials, a real-life tabloid and Australian occultists. Get Lost! 

Episode 345 ”Pimento Magic”

Scott comes to the table with a Meat Grinder and a cozy story about a corpse-worshiping cult. But first we talk about what everyone loves hearing people talk about: NFTs. And Madonna. Then in Web Droppings, we chat Dolly Parton, Taco Bell, irony at the grave and the best Mother’s Day gift a child could…
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Episode 344 ”Halfway to Halloween 2022”

It’s halfway to Halloween and Lost At Home is changing things up a little. This week Scott and Jer each bring a movie to the table to chat about and to tie a story to. Don’t worry, things are still silly and inappropriate and the odd news is going nowhere. Get Lost!

Episode 335 ”Poison Rainbows”

Ticks, Val Kilmer, lung-tearing masturbation…and possibly a new format for the show? Get Lost!

Episode 333 ”Deltona Beef”

A Florida man has a birthday party, an anti-abortion activist pickles fetuses, Goblin Mode is a thing and a park pass you can’t use until you’re dead. And did somebody say Deltona Beef? Get Lost!

Episode 332 ”Ode to Clompers”

Scott is on vacation so Jeremiah calls in a favor to his old friend Clompers to fill in. Things go awry. Special thanks to The Butcher and Sonic Jalopy for their heartfelt song Ode to Clompers. We miss you Clompers. Get Lost!

Episode 331 ”We Are a Snake”

A confused microwave, a wank booth for a work perk jerk, a big gay dog, Telegram’s oopsie and naughty license plates. Get Lost!

Episode 330 ”Rublux”

Stolen heads, deadly snowball fights, past-due laws and the worthlessness of the Ruble round out Headlines this week. This week we also welcome the return of the AAA segment and talk roadkill. In Web Droppings, it’s OnlyFans to the rescue. Get Lost!

Episode 329: “Alien Sexology”

Disney’s gay conundrum, poutine, violent turkeys, space sex studies, earth sex statistics, an unwanted attic-dwelling simp, mass possession and a new club thumper from Sonic Jalopy. Get Lost!