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Episode 355 ”Halloween Ends with James Jude Courtney”

It’s our first third timer in the Lost At Home Podcast interview seat when James Jude Courtney returns to discuss Halloween Ends, including the emotions that played out finishing a franchise entry to mentoring a young actor to working on a #1 movie during the pandemic. And James returns to our 10 Questions, where we…
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Episode 354 ”Mama Gooch”

Scott and Jer drop some Halloween movie picks before Scott brings flaying-themed movies to discuss in his Movie Hole. Get Lost!

Episode 353 ”Fun With Cults”

Halloween Month, episode 2! Scott and Jer talk cults, give some additional horror picks and have some exciting Halloween news! Get Lost!

Episode 352 ”Zoombies”

It’s Halloween Month and Scott and Jer are finally back after an unexpected month-long hiatus, ready to pack the month with horror on horror on horror. This week it’s all about the Zoombies! Get Lost!

Episode 351 ”Do Not Cook Phones”

It’s another animal attacks episode with Jer’s movie hole. Killer apes take center stage this week. Get Lost!

Episode 350 ”Darren Returns”

It’s finally here! Episode 350! And who else but Darren Ewing, our very first celebrity guest exactly 8 years ago, to join us for the festivities. Darren fills us in on what’s new these past 8 years, especially the movie Cyst, in which Darren plays an unfortunate assistant/patient to a mad doctor that just must get…
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Episode 349 ”Grogu on Rye”

Scott heads down a movie hole with the 1984 movie threads, paired with some nice facts about radiation and a new nuclear attack PSA. Get Lost!

Episode 348 ”Spaghetti on Rye”

After a brief hiatus, Scott and Jer are back with a fresh new horror hole they fill with wild beasts, namely killer elephants. Get ready for some head-stomping, gut shredding…fun? Either way, get Lost!

Episode 347 ”Habeas Tiny Corpus”

Down Scott’s Movie Hole we go with a South African horror paired with fun stories and facts about exorcisms. In Web Droppings, a Utah non-cannibal county attorney sets the record straight and bees are fish now. Get Lost!

Episode 346 ”Stupid Timecop”

In an effort to get the format right before 350, Scott and Jer talk Love, Death + Robots, Josh fights, killer sheep, animal trials, a real-life tabloid and Australian occultists. Get Lost!