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Episode 335 ”Poison Rainbows”

Ticks, Val Kilmer, lung-tearing masturbation…and possibly a new format for the show? Get Lost!

Episode 333 ”Deltona Beef”

A Florida man has a birthday party, an anti-abortion activist pickles fetuses, Goblin Mode is a thing and a park pass you can’t use until you’re dead. And did somebody say Deltona Beef? Get Lost!

Episode 332 ”Ode to Clompers”

Scott is on vacation so Jeremiah calls in a favor to his old friend Clompers to fill in. Things go awry. Special thanks to The Butcher and Sonic Jalopy for their heartfelt song Ode to Clompers. We miss you Clompers. Get Lost!

Episode 331 ”We Are a Snake”

A confused microwave, a wank booth for a work perk jerk, a big gay dog, Telegram’s oopsie and naughty license plates. Get Lost!

Episode 330 ”Rublux”

Stolen heads, deadly snowball fights, past-due laws and the worthlessness of the Ruble round out Headlines this week. This week we also welcome the return of the AAA segment and talk roadkill. In Web Droppings, it’s OnlyFans to the rescue. Get Lost!

Episode 329: “Alien Sexology”

Disney’s gay conundrum, poutine, violent turkeys, space sex studies, earth sex statistics, an unwanted attic-dwelling simp, mass possession and a new club thumper from Sonic Jalopy. Get Lost!

schrodinger's racist

Episode 328 ”Schrodinger’s Racist”

This week, Scott has a theory about windows and ghosts, the Nintendo generation is weak, NFT vending machines, Canadian Valentine’s redo and more silly bullet points. In Web Droppings, a U.S. House candidate gets sassy drunk at a middle school party and the Metaverse is exactly as terrible as everybody assumed it would be. Get…
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Episode 327 ”Manned Parenthood”

Bullet points galore! Bird songs, bologna beauty masks, child labor, Jason Mantzoukas is a dick, the Jeff Daniels worm, purchasing children at Walmart, litter boxes in schools, grilled Meatloaf and the TSA’s top 10 confiscated items of 2021. In Web Droppings, we’ve got hard drive-sniffing dogs, a real life Weekend at Bernie’s, a new way…
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Episode 326 ”De-winged Pelican”

RadioShack, book burning, feline arsonists and SQUIRRELS! Get Lost!