Episode 364 ”Fetos”

On this week’s episode, the guys dive into some strange news stories and updates. They discuss a Texas bill that aims to label food products made from “aborted human fetal tissue” and a woman who is suing a concert venue after getting drunk and causing an explosion at a Marilyn Manson show. They also share…
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Episode 363 ”Scissoring MILFs”

This week the hosts provide an update on “vegans who hate vegans,” reflect on the year 2022, and discuss a variety of interesting news stories from the end of the year, including Pornhub’s 2022 year in review. They also share some New Year’s superstitions from around the world and mention that one can boost their…
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Episode 362 ”New Year, Same New Podcast”

Scott and Jer start off 2023 with a horror movie roundup and lookahead before diving into Web Droppings involving Wham, psychics and festive death text messages. Get Lost!

Episode 361 ”Etsy Pu$$y”

It’s the Xmas episode no one asked for, but got anyway. Scott gives us a killer Xmas tree follow up, chats about Violent Night and gives us some history on real killer Santas. Get Lost!

Episode 360 ”Reverse Roots Residuals”

Get ready for a wild ride through holiday horror movies with Episode 360 of your favorite show! From “Mean Girls” to “Elves,” you’ll get your fill of holiday cheer, along with a side of gore. The highlight of the episode is the movie “The Killing Tree,” where a widow casts a spell to resurrect her…
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Episode 359 ”Clamage Patch Kids”

There are some holiday web droppings in this one, but mostly it just goes off the rails.

Episode 358 ”Turkey Seizure”

Scott takes the reins this week and brings us a Thanksgiving movie in a special Gobble Gobble Movie Hole. We are talking about Blood Freak, the 1970s x-rated sleaze pic rife with turkey imagery and, oddly, minimal gore and nudity. Then it’s a discussion of turkey facts and weird Thanksgiving foods. Get Lost!

Episode 357 ”Paganini Horror”

It’s a movie review week, with Jer bringing Paganini Horror to the table, a movie about cursed music to pair with a tender story about how a certain chord can relieve nightmares. Get Lost!

Episode 356 ”Uncle Becky’s Candy Bowel”

It’s a web droppings roundup this week, as Scott and Jer skip the movie reviews and dive right into the old skool weird news content. Halloween parades, Amazon anti-living kits and being buried alive for a fee are just a few of the droppings this week. Get Lost!

Episode 355 ”Halloween Ends with James Jude Courtney”

It’s our first third timer in the Lost At Home Podcast interview seat when James Jude Courtney returns to discuss Halloween Ends, including the emotions that played out finishing a franchise entry to mentoring a young actor to working on a #1 movie during the pandemic. And James returns to our 10 Questions, where we…
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