Episode 389 ”Kid Rock Presents the Bawitdaba January 6th Mega Extravaganza Spectacular Brought to you by Bud Light!”

It’s that special time of year. The time for love. The time for resolve. And the time for coups, coups, coups! Scott and Jer look back to the January 6th events that shaped history, reflect on how to do a fascism right and chat politics on a show that tries its damndest to not be…
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Episode 388 ”Oh Deer”

It’s the last show of the year and Scott and Jer countdown to 2024 with a NYE quiz and talks of killer deer. Get Lost!

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Episode 387 ”2023 Holiday Blowout Extravaganza Mega Happy Time Freedom Blast”

Kid Rock, an ominous gingerbread man, weird liquor, moth-flavored stuffing and rubber beans. It must be the holidays! Get Lost!

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Episode 386 ”Is Paul Hogan Still Alive? 2: Yes”

Scott and Jer talk new music (check out Bleach Boy and their videos!), mouse goggles, Canadian kangaroos, fast food service criminals and gay furry hackers. Get Lost!

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Episode 385 ”69 at the 99”

A Tennessee meth train, Taco Bell sex party and Florida Man Games. Get Lost!

Episode 384 ”Pablo Escobar’s Hungry Hungry Hippos”

A hippo update and The Thanksgiving Report. Get Lost!

Episode 383 ”Clown Gimp”

Killer robots and guns for teeth. Happy Thanksgiving and Get Lost!

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yandi halloween

Episode 381 ”Yandi Did It!”

We are so close to Halloween, we can taste it! This week, Scott gives Jer the almost-annual Yandi costume contest, the boys share their horror picks and we get a fresh new state of horror by way of West Virginia. In Spider Web Droppings, Scott schools Jer on Chucky’s arrest in Mexico. Get Lost!

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Episode 380 ”Air Bud: Blood and Alpo”

After a week hiatus for sick leave, Scott and Jer return for another Halloween episode, complete with horror movie picks and spider web droppings, including stories about Winnie the Pooh, deadly decorations and pumpkin boats. Get Lost!