Episode 379 “Stoneman Willie”

Scott and Jer get lost during their horror picks and rant for a while, but still leave time for a Halloween costume contest and some mummy news. Get Lost!

Episode 378 ”Ghost Whore”

In the first spooky episode of the Halloween month, delve into the obscure corridors of the mind as we question the popularity of Spawn, share our weekly October horror picks and then journey with us to the eerie Bird Cage Theater in Arizona in “State of Horror”, known to be one of the most haunted…
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Episode 377 ”MAF”

Strap in for a wild episode of the Lost at Home Podcast, where Jeremiah and Scott tackle news stories so bizarre they make Florida look like a finishing school for the sane. First up: a Florida Man arrested for trying to cross the Atlantic in a hamster wheel, because nothing says “marine conservation” like a…
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Episode 376 ”Oops, All Biscuits!”

A couple months have passed, but Scott and Jer are back to give you all the news that slipped through the cracks since you last heard them. From ChatGPT church, snowflake Jesus, boner spiders and alien miners with jetpacks, it’s all the news that’s fit to skip. Get Lost!

Episode 375 ”Boy Cot”

On the 375th episode of the Lost at Home Podcast we discuss a DUI case where a man tried to pass off his furry friend as the driver and talk about a strange case of doordashing gone wrong involving a swan from a New York park. We also take a look at the chart-topping bigoted…
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Episode 374 ”Florida Man Returns 2023, the Returnering”

This week on the Lost At Home podcast, the hosts dive headfirst (or is it feet first?) into the wacky world of extraordinary burial methods. From BBQ pit graves to mushroom spore suits, they chat about all the ways you can go out with a bang, or a bloom, or a… Lego block? But that’s…
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Episode 373 ”Baja Blast Baby”

In this week’s episode, we unleash a fresh idea for Jordan Peele’s next spine-tingler, “The Gollywog”! Thrills aside, we take a joyride through the news, from a Pokemon card fiasco that ends worse than an overpriced-priced Charizard to the enigma of Coldplay lyrics mysteriously embedded in Kingston’s SSD firmware. Is it a coded message or…
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Episode 372 ”Goonin’”

This week we laugh our way through reviews of the new romantic comedy Evil Dead Rise, discuss the ins and outs of gooning parties (don’t ask!), and close off with some good ol SNL chat! As always, we drop some of the weirdest web stories including a man’s intimate encounter with a seagull, the banning…
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Episode 371 ”Blood Cocktails”

 Get ready for an action-packed episode filled with blood cocktails, ritual beheadings and fake hitmen. This week’s episode is not for the faint of heart. Join us as we delve into the dark and mysterious world of crime and intrigue. Don’t miss out on the excitement. Get Lost!

Episode 370 ”Spring Break Tomb Raider”

In this episode of the Lost at Home podcast, we explore how Chinese colleges are encouraging students to find love during a weeklong spring break. We also discuss Mexican Police Exorcists and how exorcism and prayer are used to fight crime. Tune in for this fascinating episode and Get Lost!